Hi there!

I am Berta, a 30-year-old photographer. I grew up next to Montserrat mountain, but I’m currently based in Barcelona. In my free time I like to wander around, go hiking through mountains and hills, to read with no hurry.

I have a degree in Fine Arts and a postgraduate on cinema. However, it is on my daily life where I’ve learned about photography the most. Since my teenager years, I’ve watched the world through the viewfinder of some of my analogue cameras. Analogue photography has taught me to observe calmly, to know when is the right moment to click.

I like my images to feel cinematic, so that when you go through the report, you could see each of them as a movie frame. The frames of your own movie: unique and personal.


I’m up to travel anywhere. Don’t hesitate to contact me, even if you live outside of Spain.